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gunshots. >> there is no one in custody yet. this brings homicides up 20% from this time last year. to try to stop killings, the mayor and police chief announced today they will be getting badly needed reenforcements starting next week. >> i want to thank governor brown for his quick response and my pleas for help. >> the chief admits the department is under staffed, overworked and at times, outnumbed by protestors. >> my officers are anxious. there are a lot of unknowns but i'm proud of the way they've performed their duties. >> the number of officers is undetermined where the funding will come from has not been decided. >> i can afford a level of
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cooperation between patrol and sheriff until my police academies turn out more officers. >> officers won't be available until sometime next year. the chief says he's going to be asking for a 90 day commitment and will probably ask for another 90 days after that. >> thank you. police in vallejo arrested a suspect for torching the law offices of vallejo's mayor. the mayor at the time called it a act of intimidation. the suspect is charged with setting fires in a vallejo funeral home. and at a church. this is evening held in the jail on three counts of arson. >> two teenagers have been arrested for the murder of a woman found dead in a house fire last week. here is a picture of one suspect. the 18-year-old made his first
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court appearance this afternoon. investigators believe he and a 16-year-old whose picture we do not have brutally beat the victim and then set her body on fire to cover up a burglary. he is 16 years old but has been charged as an adult in this case. he's a relative of the victim. police arrested him in tennessee. >> san francisco police are warning muni riders to be careful when using their smart phones. there have been thousands. thousands of thefts reported this year. if you're not paying attention, authorities say you're wearing a target on your back. we're live with the story. that is an incredible number of thefts. >> that is right. about 2000. but that is what police are saying in this flyer. don't be a target. they're also saying with the release of the new iphone 5, the ingleside police district and officers will be on
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heightened alert and you should be, too. >> we're concerned about people getting properties stolen. >> police officers handed out flyers at this station. they want smart phone owners to be aware thieves may be watching and ready to snap devices. first is surveillance video of an incident. the man watching the woman on the bottom of the screen. she's focused on the smart phone, paying no attention to surroundings. the bus about to stop. the robber, getting ready. he snatches a phone and runs off the bus. here it is one more time. police say half of the robberies in san francisco are cell phone related. many where people aren't paying attention. >> no. i usually have my phone out all of the time. and so no.
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i don't. >> others say they're getting the message. >> i usually keep it in my pocket or purse. i have a cross body thursday. >> this type of robbery has also increased on bart trains. in cases owner of the phone has been pepper sprayed. police say they're easily sold. iphone 5 came out is the hottest one. >> there are some companies to take the stolen phones, walk in, and change it into the name. >> and police told me a lot of the transactions occur on 7th and market streets. that is a high crime area. i got a few tweets from you one person said, selling them at resale stores near 24th and mission. another tweeted saying they sell them on the streets, in my neighborhood. mid market. i'm live in san francisco, abc 7 news.
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>> thank you. one man is under arrest and a woman detained. police say he pointed an ak 47, then led officers on a chase through city streets. they began at third street in the bay view district, ending on the embarcadero. police say they recovered a gun at 17th and mission. the suspect threw it from the car window. >> police in san rafael today released video of a snatch and grab errorry in a jewelry store. we'll show you, you can see the thief look at watches. he'll run out of the door and the video is from one of the from gold rush jewelers. witnesses say the woman took off. >> former senator george mitchell went through talks over the pipeline explosion. mitchell, won the nobel prize for bringing peace to northern
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ireland was chosen by the public utilities commission to mediate with pg&e. consumer advocates who are also involved in talks raised objections after learning pg&e received advanced notice from the p.u.c. of mitchell's selection. his law firm represented an insurance company at fault in the case. talks my resume without a mediator. >> interest there was no repeat in oakland of the violent occupy protests from last year. last night a few hundred demonstrators took to the streets around downtown. they were commemorating anniversary of the police take down of their encampment. yesterday, the event was peaceful. only two protestors arrested and no reports of broken windows or damaged property. this morning the area back open. city workers power washed the plaza. others erased graffiti. >> giants in detroit tonight getting ready for saturday's game three of the world series. the team got up early this morning and boarded a bus
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outside at and t park. brandon crawford and matt cane loaded up luggage here, giants manager used every cliche he can think of to assess the team's chances in game three. keep going hard. we'll see what happens. hopefully, we'll play this type of ball we've played on the road. >> before the team playing took off, the water salute delivered from airport tankers greeted the jet. now, javier lopez is in den swrer his wife awaiting the birth of their second child. new dad will rejoin the team tomorrow. >> when a great sendoff. >> big question tonight in detroit what. is weather going to be like? spencer christian has the answer. >> looking at conditions and clouds at game time which will be 8:00 p.m. eastern time. it's going to be chilly.
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temperatures into 40s, giants going to wear heavy woolen long sleeve shirts. more details in our local forecast coming up later. >> also, the local connection to the nanny murder case in new york. questions you should be asking if you're about to hire one. >> and a new milestone for bart tonight. taking you through the tunnel under a lake part of the ride to the south bay. stay with us.
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voters will decide whether to tax sewed why and other beverages if it passes richmond will be the first city to oppose a penny per
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ounce tax on businesses that sell soft drimpbs. big money pouring into the campaign from outside of the bay area. abc 7 news is at richmond city hall with this battle. mark? >> this is where it started. measure n propose bid a city councilman, a retired doctor, heart specialist said after 30 years, he saw how obesity was taking a toll. he wanted to do something to stop it. studies have shown drinking sugar sweet yend drinks is linked to eeb ease ti in children. and the cardiologist convince aid majority to pult a measure on the november ballot that would tax soda and other sugary drinks using money to make children healthier. >> more than three million we can put into new soccer fields, soft ball fields. you can teach kids how to swim put nutrition teachers in
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schools. >> ritterman is convinced it will encourage students to buy 100% juice. >> it is parallel to big tow taco to. what did he we did with cigarettes. >> soft drink companies contributed $2 million outspending supporters nearly 36 to one. not campaign being run out of this political consulting firm. the face is richmond city councilman corky busay. >> those who can least afford to pay are going to be paying that 1 cent in the city. >> he says businesses will have no other choice but to pass it on to customers and opponents not convinced it will reduce consumption. >> what are you going to do about doughnuts? for teeta teetas-tortillas? what about the soul food
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african american people eat? >> lisa morello supports the measure. >> they need to be drinking juice and water, those are the things good for them. >> in this theater why signs are everywhere including employee shirts, movie goers being shown a no on n commercial. coming out of the theater we couldn't find anyone supporting measure n. >> we're here to enjoy. >> prices are high already. you know? >> this is telling us what we can skpr cannot have. >> supporters say they must be doing something right because no campaign keeps spending money and no campaign says they expect 70% of the voters to vote against the measure on election day. reporting from richmond abc 7 news. >> mark, thank you very much. a crime now shocked the nation. there is a bay area connection
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to a terrible crime in new york a nanny is accused of killing two young children. they're a 2-year-old and 6-year-old son of kevin krim a former yahoo and bloomberg executive who used to live in san francisco. here is where they lived that they sold just last year, maybes still remember this family. >> they're nice people. he was a techy. they bought a house, a small victorian. they spent time fixing it. >> police are still waiting to talk to the 50-year-old nanny to find out what happened. she remains in critical condition. police say she stabbed herself in the throat several times. the children's mother found her on the bathroom floor next to her dying children. >> those killings have shaken parents around the country as well as nanny industry. reports of care givers harming children are extremely rare but only takes one act like this to have people questioning whom they're trusting with their children.
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this mommy group found themselves talking today about the nanny accused of killing two children in new york. jane was a nanny five years now a new mother. she says most of the jobs were by reeferal. >> these women talk to me and don't do background checks.. >> there are emotions surrounding this tragedy. owners of several agencies i talked with today did not want to go on camera. no wants to imply anything could, or should could have been done differently this, woman who did not want to be identified has been placing nan yeez 15 years. >> we have a 15 page application. we do an extensive check. >> in california, agencies are required to fingerprint nan skbreez use a service called trust line to monitor.
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parents hiring on their own are less likely to take precautions.. >> she just started with us. when you hear he stories you get a little bit scared. you know? >> what the industry wants is to reassure parents they've probably made an excellent choice, one suggestion have a monthly meeting to keep lines of communication open. >> sit down talk to them. find out do you still like the job? you know? how are thing goesing on in your personal life? is there anything we can do to help you. >> when it comes to an unspeakable tragedy, these mothers say sometimes, the questions have no answers. >> bart unveiled a key link in its southbound journey to san jose today. a new tour that will whisk passengers under lake
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elizabeth. this tunnel took three years to complete only after the city went to court to stop the tracks from going over lake elizabeth. >> this depth amazed me. >> and there is more. the tunnel came in $112 kblinl under budget thanks to a down turn in the construction industry. >> weeking of warm there is heat this weekend. >> we are indeed. >> week is ending on a spectacular note. it's continuing into the weekend. here is a live view from our south beach camera. looking at the moon it gives a great view with darker sky.
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it's almost full looking good there. we have clear skies, low clouds well off shore at the moment. right now we're clear and mild and 66 nows in san francisco. it will be a little slow to cool down. sunny skies warm this weekend. rain likely. overnight tonight patchy fog, low temperatures into mid-50s, cooler into the north bay valleys. high pressure reaching in giving us just a beautiful weekend ahead. sunny skies into afternoon hours. warm conditions and mainly cloudy skies at night. on we go tomorrow highs in the south bay, sunny skies highs into mid to upper 70s.
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78 in saratoga. 77 in mountain view. mid-60s on the coast in pacifica. high of 70 degrees tomorrow. 65 in the sunset district. upper 70s in napa. east bay highs of 72 at berkeley. 75 in newark. 78 fremont. inland east bay up around 0 degrees in most locations there. near monterey bay, highs into mid to upper 70s near the bay. here is the accu-weather forecast. gradual cooling and a chance of rain developing late tuesday, continuing throughout wednesday, which is halloween. then, thursday morning maybe a left over shower or two and i want to show you one more time
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the detroit forecast. can they go back to that? i was saving that for after the accu-weather forecast. listen carefully. here we go. game three... giants going for a third win in a row. temperatures into the 40s. i wanted to show you that again. perfect game to watch on tv in your nice, warm home. >> coming up an event more than just a cooking class. >> a celebrity chef shows how you
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your voice, your vote. both candidates closing out a week of campaigning with extra help in wisconsin vice president biden pushed supporters to head to polls early telling them they can catch the rides. in nef the first lady rallied hundreds in a las vegas middle school. >> for these 11 days, the last question is are we ready for
6:24 pm
this? are you ready to make it happen? get out there. >> in the key battle ground state mitt romney promised to rejuvenate the american economy and vowed bipartisan leadership. >> meet with democrat and republican leaders in washington regularly. we're going to look for common ground. we'll put interest of the american people above the interest of the politicians. >> the republican presidential nominee pledged policy changes. and romney is out campaigning g.o.p. vice presidential nominee spent the day fund raising. >> money matters another set back for apple. it's stock dipped below $600 a share for the first time in three months today. closing at 6:05. down 100 points in a no because of lower earnings. apple says the new mini sold out for now. the dow industrials are down more than 200 points for the
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week. the nasdaq went up slightly. s and p lost a little ground today. one owned a television network? the new york post reports current tv founded by former vice president al gore put itself up for sale. >> there is more still to come tonight. just ahead abc 7 news i team. >> with a bizarre rant of a serial killer told the key to a disappearance of kevin collins? >> i think they should have done all they can. >> tonight i team looks into evidence investigators either overlooked or ignored.
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good evening. the i team uncovered a possible connection between one of the bay area's most infamous missing child cases and a serial killer.
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>> dan noyes is here with the results of the investigation. >> kevin collins was one of the first missing children whose case got national attention. thousands of tips came in but led nowhere. tonight we've uncovered one serious lead police either missed or chose to ignore. from prison, east bloc, cell 115 a bizarre rant of a serial killer hold the key to a boy's disappearance? >> he was very sweet, very shy around other people. >> after ann's 10-year-old son vanished the bay area responded in a big way. posters went up, volunteers went door to door. police scoured parks and shot up a public service announcement announcement. and he left basketball practice and waited for a bus at oak and messonic.
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the last he was ever seen. >> some days are hard. >> the days turned into weeks and months but the family continued to push, manning a 24 hour hot line out of home and pleading with the kidnapper directly on abc 7. >> kevin loves his family. we love him. please let him come home. >> news week put kevin on the cover tips poured n they all led nowhere. but, san francisco police either missed or chose to ignore one significant lead. a possible connection to serial killer john dunkel. >> owe john was an evil man. >> the district attorney gave the i team access to dunkel's case file. i spent a week combing 12 boxes of evidence, transcripts audio and videotape. in the touchb he belmont the disappearance of a 15-year-old john davies and stabbing death of 12-year-old lance turner
6:31 pm
went unsolved for years as did the murder of shaen denel in sacramento. then dunkel went to men's colony in san luis obispo on a burglary charge got into what flagstaff said was a wrip a cell mate and confessed about killing those three boys. we found a recording of the cell mate reporting him to authorities. >> i didn't think it was serious. >> he wanted a deal on his own manslaughter charges so he convinced dunkel to write details of the murders, draw out maps and tell authorities everything. >> documents show dunkel also told his cell mate and a sek inmate that around the time of kevin collin's disappearance a killed a fourth victim by throwing them off the golden gate bridge but made it look
6:32 pm
like a suicide attempt. the description also appeared in this report on dunkel, that document also shows months before kevin disappeared dunkel got a job with irs in san francisco just two miles from kevin's bus stop. after that information came out, the fbi went to interview dunkel but in their final report agents focus ond three other murders there is no mention of the fourth victim. >> there wasn't in their reports. i remember that. i remember how much i wishd fbi didn't have their policy of not tape recording. boy have liked to have heard every word spoken. >> the i team learned fbi did not question dunkel about that fourth victim. retired special agent frank hicky e mailed me he went to the interview blind and on a short notice. i was never told about a fourth murder or throwing a fourth victim off the golden gate. that is never mentioned during my time on the case.
6:33 pm
if it had been i would have interviewed him in detail about it. >> about the trail stabbing occur? >> and when he took belmont police to the crime scenes he was in a talkative mood. the detective failed to ask him about the fourth victim. >> i wasn't concerned about that. ways concerned about the belmont case. we needed to solve that. >> ever since their son went missing jim and joan davie expected dunkel who was a family friend. >> he was in and out of our house every day. he knew where the key was. he called his mom and dad. >> after their son disappeared dunkel never returned to their house. so jim davies began tracking dunkel. after kevin collin ss disappeared davies was able to confirm dunkel traveled from his home to the city. the night kevin went missing. >> i determined he was in san
6:34 pm
francisco not directly from john but from all of his friends. >> belmont police confirmed dunkel's movements that day. >> dunkel may be involved in, from my understanding they may have placed him in san francisco around the time collins boy went missing. >> davies tells me he tried to report that information to police who were heading the kevin collins investigation. >> they didn't want to hear what i had to say. it was that simple. >> oh, yeah. san francisco police to comment on jim davie as kt and give me access to the files but they refused saying it's an open investigation. but they couldn't tell me how long it's been since someone looked at the file. >> this is retired sfpd inspector keeps the collins information with him. he last worked the case in 2003, to see if kevin was a victim of the clergy abuse scandal. weaver says there not a single mention of john dunkel the
6:35 pm
serial killer. >> so many tips were dauled in from people all the time. you know? it might have got a one line entry some wr. i didn't see or got lost over the years. so many possibilities. i don't know what to tell you. >> do you think john dunkel killed kevin collins? >> yes. doi. >> in 1984 attorney bill russell was on a search party and found lance turner's body and has been voin involved in the dunkel investigation ever since. dunkel got a death sentence for three murders russell says he urged the fbi to investigate for kevin collins disappearance and that agents went to interview him again. >> he gave agents an impression he knew about the case. that he knew something. but clammed up and decided not to say anything more. >> but that story is hard to verify. the key agent in the san
6:36 pm
francisco office who would have worked the case passed away. the fbi tell meez they destroy the dunkel file without scanning it and they can't access the kevin collins files because it's been damaged in a flood at washington, d.c. archives and its drying out now. >> and i feel kevin never would got kevin back and to find the person it's not right. it's not fair. why was he just put on the back burner? >> i wrote to john dunkel on death row asking him about the boys he admitted killing and kevin collins. he sent a bizarre four page letter. the most coherent thing he wlot wroet was they all had to die, dead. the rest of the letter full of crazy ramblings about computers and conspiracy theories for all i know, you, dan could be part of a high school plan through the white house. >> if he can't tell you what
6:37 pm
happened, and the trail ends here, is that enough? >> no. probably not. it's going to make us wonder. >> do you want me to keep on search something. >> yes. if you're meant to. >> sfpd tells me they're checking out a report dunkel was in jail the night kevin disappeared. he denied killing kevin can you couldn't tell them if he was in jail or not that night. sunday at 11:00 he describes how and why he killed those three other boys ask takes police to the crime scene. the confession tapes, sunday at 11:00. >> we'll tune in for that. thank you. >> i want to take you outside now. to show you the moon nearly full. >> yes. it looks like it's bathed in orange. do you think is th
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roorks san francisco general hospital looked like the set of a cooking show it did. jonathan bloom explains why a local celebrity chef is part of the latest effort to prevent chronic diseases. >> add to that chopped celery. >> she's been featured in movies, tv and magazines but today the chef is cooking before a live audience at a hospital. >> the toughest question might be which wine to pair with dinner the crowd here in looking for answers to a
6:41 pm
different dilemma. >> how do you eat healthy? you have a little bit of money and gas is $5 and there are other priorities for survival of live? >> san francisco general hospital pulled away ribbon on this newly donated demonstration kitchen. because now, every thursday afternoon, the hospital will open its doors to the community and turn its attention from treating diseases to preventing them. >> diseases like diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease. the list goes on. in large part can be prevented if w.a healthy diet. >> inside of the brown rice is white whis ris. >> there is emphasis on avoiding processed foods. >> sits an organic chicken that is a just a lot better for you than something you're
6:42 pm
going buy in the frozen food department. >> some produce for cooking demonstrations about as fresh as you can get. grown here in this garden on the third floor roof. and now packaged with inspiration. >> they can buy food that is affordable for the families and they can feed them healthy alternatives to food food and products making americans eeb ease. -- obese. >> good. >> and michael finney is next with a question you may want to consider. >> yes. here it s can you trust an insurance company to sponsor a ballot measure
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should the rules be changed for all auto indurance companies doing business in california? >> that is the central
6:46 pm
question being asked. >> 7 on your side is here now and has been looking into it. he has a look at what your vote will mean. >> this issue strips us back decades. in 1988 car insurance rates regulated when voters passed prop 103. the law says votes must be based on driving safety record and years of driving experience. the law says coverage hist kri not be considered. but if you stay with by w.a single company, it may offer a loyalty discount. this is harvey rosen feld. he wrote and shepherded passage of prop 103. >> that is the founder and chairman of mercury insurance. >> i don't know. i don't care about him. anyone who is an enemy of consumers is an enemy of mine. >> they have been adversaries
6:47 pm
for decades and fight have been joined again. >> prop 33 simply provides that if you've earn aid discount, a loyalty discount a new company could also consider that and offer you a discount. >> but those opposed don't focus on the discount for those drivers. they can see a surcharge on those who haven't been insured. >> it's preexisting condition. it has nothing to do with people driving records. you can be a great driver. just chose not to drive and you get hit with a surcharge. >> prop 33 offers protection to anyone with a lapse of 30 days or less. those unemployed up to 18 months and military personnel. not their spouses..
6:48 pm
>> why should i believe an insurance executive wants to save me money? >> i'm not saying you should believe that. but i'm saying to you is that only thing i am able to offer you is this freedom to move. and if it turns out i can say you money, you can decide whether to move. >> rosenfield remains unmoved asking why change what worked. >> you go to the store and sa say... they don't ask you at the checkout, hey, is this your first time buying milk? yae. sorry. i'm going to have to surcharge you. you've never bought milk from us before. think bit. it's lunacy. >> some will tell you with prop 33 you can take discounts with you. that is not true. you can't force them to give you a discount they aren't offering. >> good look at both sides. >> thank you. >> yeah. >> right now let's check in on the situation with hurricane
6:49 pm
sandy. >> yes. causing problems and expected to cause more. >> that is right. you can see the center of the storm is well off the coast of florida. bands of rain are lashing florida's east coast. maximum winds of 75 miles per hour. it's expected to take a track that will be mainly up towards northeast. so still well off the coastline but then making a sharp turn tuesday of next week. and could make land fall around washington, d.c. still as a category one hurricane. if it encounters a cold air coming down from northwest it could produce snow. tomorrow, here in the state of california sunny skies and mild warm conditions just about state wide. that is true here in the bay area.
6:50 pm
mid-60s on the coast. upper 70s to warm 80s. here is the accu-weather forecast. cools down just a little bit. tuesday night rain developing continuing through wednesday. tapering off thursday morning. >> thank you. >> sharks fans are in mourning tonight. >> sharks just lost a quarter of
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join me tonight at 9:00 as rolling stones give new definition to a warm up gig. there they are last night. then at 11:00 why scientists are sounding alarm over a sea creature, its coming up at 9:00 and 11:00. >> now on to sports. focus shifts to detroit. >> and world series. larry inteel back. >> yes. it's in detroit this weekend. giants flew out this morning leaving two games to none with tigers now in december separation mode. everything going their way.
6:54 pm
on a key play last night there is a target short stop brandon crawford. marco scutero backing up a play. and ryan voguel zs song. bruce bocci preaching defense and it shows. >> major part ft part of the game. a player can have a great game. he can go out and help win a ball game. we have players that have that ability. >> we're not taking this for granted. we want to play this baseball we've been plague over last six days and to try to win as soon as possible. >> rest of the giants in detroit, javier lopez will be
6:55 pm
joining teammates while striking out four. 49ers back in prime time this monday night in arizona. niners trying to protect their lead atop nfc west. 49er as louing 173 yards per game. they face cardinals team giving up 35 sacks this season. and last year smith set a record with 14 sacks. he admits this year has been tougher. >> i think teams are a little bit more prepared than they were last year. and we're hearing is that we're doing our job. >> raiders heading to kansas city and oakland has gt to protect quarterback carson palmer.
6:56 pm
>> we're all proud men out here. we want owe do our jobs to the best of our aby. we don't play as well as we want to we look forward to opportunity to get out there. that is a group looking forward for the opportunity. >> nhl cancelled all games scheduled through november 30th guaranteeing the league will not have a full 82 game season. they're still trying to hammer out a contract and hockey fans ask k.still have hope fr a shortened season. >> tiger woods had a good round yesterday. on seven here today. chips in from the rough. five back of robert geragos. he is at 14 under par.
6:57 pm
>> thank you. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news. >> from all of us here at abc news, thanks for joining us. >> see you tonight at 9:00 and 11:00.
6:58 pm
this is "jeopardy!" let's meet today's contestants --
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a grocery merchandiser from cincinnati, ohio... a student of art history from san diego, california... and our returning champion, a research chemist originally from charlotte, north carolina... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. . ladies and gentlemen, welcome keith, our returning champion, has had as impressive a debut on "jeopardy!" as anyone in recent memory, averaging more than $25,000 per victory. so, tori and meredith, you've got your work cut out for you today. let's see what happens. they'll pick up the signaling devices because we're going to work right now in the jeopardy! round, which has one daily double that will appear in one of these categories.

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